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集中力UP 子供用スタンディングデスク

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集中力UP 子供用スタンディングデスク Safco's AlphaBetter™ Stand-Up Desk encourages a different way of thinking about the classroom environment one that allows children to learn in a way that is more in-tune with the developmental needs of their minds and bodies. The AlphaBetter™ Desk is a major part of the Stand Up for Learning concept as it offers the option for students to sit or stand and swing their legs based on their natural energy levels. The AlphaBetter™ Desk fitted with a swinging Patented Pendulum™ Footrest is the first and only of its kind allowing students a noise-free output for expending their natural energy burning calories and fidgeting. ・The positive impact on overall health ・Increased caloric burn ・Ability to keep the body and mind awake ・Ability to focus ・Better overall information retention ・The potential for children exhibiting ADHD Warranty: Limited Lifetime Weight: 49 pounds Top Construction: Beige Kydex thermoplastic over MDF Laminate top dimensions: 20"" x 28"" Height: 26"" - 42"" adjustable in 1"" increments Base Footprint: 22"" D x 26"" W 商品番号:MIC0056 商品名:Safco Products 1201BE Alphabetter Stand-up Desk